Friday, August 26, 2011


Remember this little cutie?

I took her pictures when she was four weeks old and she's been doing some growing!  I was so excited when her mom asked me to take her four month pictures.  She was so sweet and pleasant.  We didn't even get a single picture like this.  I love a good crying picture!

There were so many adorable pictures of this little princess!  Before I share them, I have to tell you about the ring that you'll see her holding in the first picture.  Her mom wanted to get a second wedding band.  She found a beautiful one that she really likes that has Joslynn's birth stone, emeralds.  Her husband bought her that one and she will wear it for now but someday she'll pass it on to Joslynn.  Isn't that so sweet?!  We got a picture of Joslynn holding it in her tiny little hands.  It's hard to imagine that someday it will fit on her finger.  Okay, now you can see the pictures of 4 month old Little Miss Joslynn!

Friday, August 19, 2011

T Kids

Some good, good friends of ours from Iowa stopped by to visit us on their way home from Utah.  Actually, we're not exactly "on their way home" from Utah so we're so glad they were willing to do some extra driving to come visit us.  Our kids haven't seen each other in a couple of years but they all just picked right up where they left off and had the best time together.  It was great!  Before they left this morning they asked me to take a few pictures of their kids.  I wish there had been time for some more group shots, but they had a lot of road to put behind them today.  They are such sweet beautiful kids.  I wish we still lived just a few blocks away from them!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

C Kids

My fall photo shoots are filling up fast.  September is almost full, October is booked and I'm scheduling into November now.  If you want some fall pictures, let me know a.s.a.p.:)  I've really been wanting to do a photo shoot with my kids and realized that I better hurry and do it because it's just not going to happen this fall.  With one more week until school starts we (okay, I) decided that we'd have a little photo shoot outing.  We packed up a breakfast picnic and headed out early to beat the heat.  I was scoping out some fun new places to do pictures and was very happy with what I found.  I sure do love these sweet beautiful kids and feel so blessed to be their mother.  Thanks for letting me torture you with so many pictures.  You'll thank me some day (I think).



Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Texas is breaking all kinds of records with the heat this summer.  Yuck!  Not many people want to be out taking pictures in this heat...well, except me and Abby.  She is my #1 picture pal.  This girl proved her loyalty to the cause today as she sat out in the Texas heat with her great big dimpled grin plastered to her face.  Love this girl!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The B Family

I had such a great time with this fun and energetic family.  These kids kept me running.  I would take a some pictures then we'd take a break to play with the ball.  Take a few more pictures then blow bubbles.  Take some more then run a race.  We had a great time!  You can see their happiness and love for life in these pictures.  Beautiful children.  Lovely couple.  Wonderful family!