Friday, August 19, 2011

T Kids

Some good, good friends of ours from Iowa stopped by to visit us on their way home from Utah.  Actually, we're not exactly "on their way home" from Utah so we're so glad they were willing to do some extra driving to come visit us.  Our kids haven't seen each other in a couple of years but they all just picked right up where they left off and had the best time together.  It was great!  Before they left this morning they asked me to take a few pictures of their kids.  I wish there had been time for some more group shots, but they had a lot of road to put behind them today.  They are such sweet beautiful kids.  I wish we still lived just a few blocks away from them!


Mary said...

Love them! What a cute family!

Jamie Y. said...

Even when you're short on time, you still do an amazing job!