Friday, November 25, 2011

The S Family

First I did the maternity pictures, then the newborn, here's the whole family!  This is such an incredible family!  I just can't say enough good about them.  They have faced some major trials over the past couple of years.  The strength, love and faith that this family has is amazing.  It is nothing short of a miracle for them to have a picture together with all six of their children.  What a privilege and honor it is to know this special family and to be asked to take pictures of them.  You are truly beautiful!  Make sure you look at the last picture for a funny one;)


And now for the funny picture...look at the boy on the far left.  I don't know if he was jumping or if he just stumbled, or what, but it totally looks like he's getting blown away by the wind!  It made me laugh:)

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